The Zaan is a 8.39 miles long river in North Holland. It starts at Lake Alkmaardermeer and ends in the North Sea Canal ( Noordzee kanaal ). With a maximum depth of approximately 23 ft the river Zaan is also a very good place to fish in the winter. On the banks of the river you will find the famos windmills, monumental buildings, cacao industry and little old villages such as Koog a/d Zaan, Wormerveer and Zaandijk.

Target fish on the river Zaan: zander, minnow, rudd, bream and silver bream

Lake Alkmaardermeer, also known as Akerslotermeer, is a lake in the north part of Holland near the city of Alkmaar. It's connected to the North Sea by the river Zaan. This lake has a very erratic bottom gradient at various sites. In some places there is more than 82 ft of water. You are only allowed to fish on the Alkmaardermeer with a ( day ) fishing license from Dilvis.

Target fish on lake Alkmaardermeer: zander, pike, perch, minnow, rudd, bream and silver bream

The North Sea Canal, made by men, is a 13.5 miles long canal that runs from downtown Amsterdam to the city of IJmuiden, where it flows into the North Sea. In general this canal has a depth of approximately 52 ft but towards IJmuiden there are places that reach 62 ft. The excavation works started on March 8 1865. The 4.35 miles wide dunes between Velsen and the North Sea were dug off with shovel and wheelbarrow. The canal was officially opend on November 1 1876.

Target fish on the North Sea Canal: zander and perch

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